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Forensics and the Garden - talk by Christine Huf

Wednesday evening 23rd May 2018
at 8 pm, doors open from 7.30 pm
At Dunvegan Cottege, Willows Historic Park, Cnr Reserve Road & Nixon St, Melton, MEL337 C9

To quote Christine:

“As you know, I am a Forensic Examiner. I spend my days, well, actually, doing paperwork. But, when the phone rings and I head out the door to a scene, I never really know what I am going to be doing.
On my days off, I work on the newsletter or watch Ash expand the amazing garden we (he) has been creating. I dabble in the garden, mostly on the veggie side of things.

Is it possible for these two worlds to collide and intersect? 
Have I learned something from one side and used it in the other?
Come along and find out!”


Dinner is at Tabcorp Park prior to the meeting, throw the saucepans back in the drawer and come along at 6pm for some lively banter and relaxation before the meeting. A table is booked under ‘Plants’, all are welcome.



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