The Melton Waves Project

A report by Cathy Powers

Early in 2007, our group applied for and was given grant money from the Shire of Melton's Adopt-A-Park scheme. We proposed a project that would enhance the outside environment at the Melton Waves Leisure Centre.

In conjunction with the Melton Waves management, Superior Plants & Garden (for the heavy work & watering system), four of our members created a new garden bed surrounding the existing palm tree (see Photo 1) and reinvigorated the existing four smaller garden beds located around the four light poles (see Photos 2 & 3).

There were also various small Eucalypts and shrubs planted along a long white wall and the fence perimeter near the car park. Because the watering system has been slow to come on line due to the Shire not making the connection as early as promised, the plants have not grown as fast as we had anticipated.

Diagram 1.

Photo 1.

The shrubs and trees seem to be doing well and have grown with some even flowering.

It is anticipated that the next involvement will be in Autumn when we may need to replace some plants and will most certainly be ripping out old plants from an existing garden bed area to be revitalized with appropriate Australian native plants.

Diagram 3. After

Photo 3. (the new look)

Diagram 2.

Photo 2. (the old look)

More hands on deck will be needed for this next part.

Let's hope that the rain comes often enough to keep everything alive until the sprinkler/dripper system comes on line.