The Willows Historic Park - Native Garden

Now that our group has received the grant monies for our new project at the Willows, it has begun. Most of you will have noticed the formation of four major garden beds on the north, east and south parameter fences. The original plan was to have one on the north border, two on the east and one in front of Duvegan cottage.

With some negotiating, we were able to acquire an additional bed on the north border while forgoing one of the areas on the east border to the 'Dry Stone-wall Sculpture'. We ended up with a larger area and this suited us for our Grevillea species.

On the 2nd of August, six members worked at planting over 250 linking plants. These were planted in the parameter areas between the garden beds and included Lomandra longifolia, Dianella revoluta and Chrysocephalum apiculatum. Ron & David dug holes, the rest of us planted and already the areas are starting to take shape.

Mid August, the Pyes & Powers traveled to Curlewis to acquire plants from Philip Vaughan. We then sought out Hakeas from John Clarke with the Acacia cognata 'Limelight' purchased from Esther. (Who would have guessed?) We still need more plants but are going to wait until after our excursion to the East in case Robert Brown has something of interest.

The following is our plant list in the major garden beds (so far):

Grevillea astericosa
Grevillea fastigiata
Grevillea flexuosa
Grevillea insignis sp elliotii
Grevillea lanigera (Granya Glory)
Grevillea lavandulacea
Grevillea levis
Grevillea nudiflora
Grevillea plurijuga
Grevillea 'Ellegance'
Grevillea 'Ellabella'
Grevillea' Astraflora - Old Gold'

Banksia solandri
Banksia baueri
Banksia menziesii
Banksia hookeriana
Banksia pilostylis X 2
Banksia blechnifolia
Banksia petiolaris
Banksia spinulosa 'Dwarf - Simply Gold'
Banksia spinulosa 'Dwarf - Coastal Cushion'
Banksia praemorsa - Yellow

Hakea laurina - Dwarf form
Hakea obtusa
Hakea orthorrhyncha

Callistemon citrinus 'White Anzac' X 3
Callistemon injune
Callistemon harkness

We will be adding at least seven Hakeas in the near future and looking to add about eight Grevilleas and one Banksia after we find what we are looking for.

Sometime mid to late September, we will be assisting the 'Sculpture' group with planting some grassland plants around their area.

I suggest that if you have time, stop by and have a look at the on-going improvements. Even with the guards around our new plants and the rock mulch still to be put in place, the feature garden beds are an exciting improvement to behold.


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